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It increases active root growth which helps to get better nutrition absorption from soil.It increases resistance in plants against enemies adverse conditions like water stress, excess water, temperature variations etc.

It improves quality of produce and enhances physiological processes of soil.

It improves flowering process n plants. Active root growth power ups the plant to fight against soil borne enemies like nematodes and fungus adversely affecting food uptake and nutrition transportation

Hytonic is compatible as tanks mix with most of agrochemicals used.


  Better availability of plant nutrients 

  More active root growth

  Better growth of plant and better productivity

  Less erosion/leaching of applied fertilizers and better utilization

  More moisture holding




Hytonic can be used as foliar spray or soil treatment

Foliar spray : 50 ml in 15 liter water tank

Soil treatment : 600ml to 1 lietr per acre in drip or flood irrigation