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Herboil is an Adjuvent containing light liquid paraffin oil, which creates a bio degradable layer on leaves and fruits that reduces effect of direct sunlight on crops.

It reduces growth of fungus and bacteria by preventing pentatrion

It reduces effect of direct sunlight on crops

It reduces damage of thrips and other sucking pests by forming a thin layer

It is compatible with most of agrochemicals used

Less costing and better results

Fruits with good quality and shining



Banana – Sigatoka management – make 1% solution (2 liter herboil in 200 liter water) and foliar spray at 15-20 days interval.

Pomegranate : for protection from  Sunburnig and fruit damage – make 0.5% solution (1 liter Herboil in 200 liters of water) and spray at 20 days interval.