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We Are Greencross Agritech

Green cross Agritech Pvt Ltd is a newly emerged organic agrochemicals provider company aiming to provide poison free chemicals for use in agriculture for farmers. The company is having advisory team of technical professionals having more than 14 years of experience in marketing and research in agriculture field.

Inspired from hindu holy literature and traditional farming concepts we have identified inputs that are suitable for sustainable agriculture farming and formulated the molecules with usage of state of art nanotechnology techniques. This combination of nanotechnology and routine inputs makes  novelty product to give maximum yield to farmers.

We know that India dependent on agriculture. Almost 70% of income is based on farming and agriculture related industries. Now a days we are facing a big problem of reducing per capital production as compared to earlier times. This reducing production is the outcome of excess usage of chemical fertilizers and poisonous agrochemicals. For reviving the productivity of soil we have introduced a latest state of art technology based organic - biotechnology product range.

We at Green Cross Agritech, committed to reduce excess  usage of chemical fertilizers and poisons agrochemical by farmers periodically and to improve soil health and environment.

So lets begin for a New Green revolution………….

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Our Vision

To become most trusted brand in Organic Agrochemical supplier among farmers.

Our Mission

Sustainable farming and maximum yield with zero poison input.